“Le Crete” – Allerona

Interest: NaturalisticDescription
Type of route: Ring- Passable also mountain biking and horseback riding
- Best period: spring, fall, winter
- Information on the way: insufficient or totally absent
- There are parking areas not equipped
- Multiple points for water supply (the fountain in the gardens in front of the town of Allerona)
- Extra-city, with crossing urban centers
- Multiple difficulty given by stretches of road to vehicular traffic and crossing streams
- Viewpoints: Belvedere farm
- Emergencies naturalistic: Whether clayey with vineyards-
Difficulty level: E
Track length: 12,80 km
Difference: 250 m
Excursion time: 4 h
Edited by: Salvatore AlessandroUpdated on: 20 April 2012


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