Nature Reserve Pigeletto and Mine Siele

Interest: Naturalistic and historicalDescription
Type of route: T- Passable on foot.
- Recommended in spring and summer.
- Poor signage and possible points where the path is less obvious.
- There are rest areas not equipped.
- There are no refreshment points or water supply.
- On the way there are difficulties due to the slippery in case of rain in the previous days
- Emergencies ethno-anthropological: Mine Siele
- Emergencies naturalistic: Abetaia with white fir present as species spontaneous.
Difficulty level: E
Track length: 11 km
Difference: 400 m
Excursion time: 3 h ( excluding stops )
Edited by: Adio Provvedi and Elene RocchiniUpdated on: february 2014

Profilo Altimetrico Riserva Naturale Pigelleto e Miniera del Siele IMG_20140121_121535 IMG_20140121_123834 (2) IMG_20140121_123834 (3) IMG_20140121_151723 (2) IMG_20140121_152130

Point of interest along the track:


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